Jersey Airport (JER)
Car Parking

(Jersey, Channel Islands)

Jersey Airport has three parking lots that provide a total of 550 spaces for vehicles. There is a central main parking lot, with special lots on either side for Arrivals and Departures. There is also a wide drop-off / pick-up zone situated immediately outside the terminal building.

You can pay your parking fee at parking pay stations with cash only. Insert your parking ticket into the top right hand slot of the machine, insert coins and collect your receipt and change at the bottom. The following list details further information on airport car parking at Jersey Airport.

Main Car Park

Located opposite the Departures Hall, the main car park is suitable for use by either short-term visitors or people wishing to leave their car for several days while they are travelling. Security in the main parking lot is very tight and the latest high-tech surveillance equipment is in operation.

Arrivals Short-Term

Specially provided for drivers meeting arriving passengers, the Arrivals short-term parking lot is located opposite the entrance to the Arrivals Hall. There is dedicated parking for disabled drivers situated nearest to the terminal building.

Departures Short-Term

Located adjacent to the Departures Hall, the departures short-term parking lot makes dropping off passengers extremely convenient. The parking lot not only has plenty of room for cars, but it also has free motorcycle and bicycle parking in designated areas.


All three airport parking lots have parking spaces reserved for vehicles with proper disabled driver identification. These parking spaces are positioned for maximum convenience and ease of use by person of impaired mobility. Access into the terminal building is wheelchair-friendly. If you require a wheelchair, please contact your airline, while staff at the airport can provide assistance.

Jersey Airport JER

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